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DR. DUKE - Ep. 645 – 77% Of Baltimore High Schoolers Read At Elementary Level

DR. DUKE - Ep. 640 – 9-Year-Old With ADHD Forced To Stay Outside Due To Forced Masking

DR. DUKE - Ep. 643 – Science Teacher Tells Kids Biology Can Easily Be Changed

DR. DUKE - Ep. 639 – 11-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Coerced By LGBT Club Teachers That She’s A Boy

DR. DUKE - Ep. 638 – Professor Makes Outrageous Claim About Sex Between Adults

DR. DUKE - Ep. 637 – World-Famous Professor Goes Scorched Earth On University, Resigns Tenure

DR. DUKE  Chicago Teachers Throw Hissy Fits, Refuse To Return To School

DR. DUKE  Preschool Teacher Brags Shes Teaching 3-Year-Olds About Sexuality

DR. DUKE  Black Students Launch Petition To Re-Segregate NYU Campus

DR. DUKE  Black Students Play Race Card After University Punishes Them For Berating White Students

DR. DUKE  Teacher Faces Four Years In Jail After Giving Student Vaccine At Home

DR. DUKE Disturbed Teenage Boy Placed On Sex Offender Registry Following Rape In School Bathroom

DR. DUKE  Insane Video Produced By Ed Group Shows White Woman WHIPPING Black Man

Dr. DUKE - School Board Shows No Emotion After Mother Speaks About The Death Of Her Child

Dr. DUKE - Top Children’s Hospital Now Teaching Boys How To Tuck Their Genitals

Dr. Duke - Students Aren’t Bouncing Back Following School Lockdowns

Dr. Duke - Crazed Teacher Gets Sweeping Left-Wing Endorsements To Join School Board

EDUCATED -Ep. 16 – hospital glorify trans surgery as major money maker

EDUCATED - Ep. 12 – Texas Teacher Caught Defending People Who Are Attracted To Children

EDUCATED -Ep. 15 – New Video Shows Michigan Teachers Being Trained On Gender Ideology

EDUCATED - Ep. 13 – NYC Teacher Admits To Changing Pledge And Teaching Kids To Protest With Bricks.

EDUCATED -Ep. 14 – California Teacher Showcases Her Classroom’s ‘Queer Library’ Of Graphic Books

EDUCATED - Undercover Video Exposes Private School Admin Indoctrinating Conservative Students

EDUCATED - Teacher Defines ‘Fascist’ To Class As Republicans

EDUCATED - Brilliant. Parents Create ‘Classroom Expectations’ List For Teachers

EDUCATED - Seriously_ Denver Students Told Never To Call Police If They Witness A Racist Attack _ Ep. 6

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EDUCATED - Ep. 3 - Man returns to school as new student and no one knew.

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EDUCATED - 87% Of Americans Forced To Pay College Loans For The Rest

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